Collect. Dispose. Recycle.

On collection of your empty, used and out of date fire extinguishers, they are transported by our logistics team to our fire extinguisher recycling plant. On arrival the units if necessary, are de-pressurised. The brass valves, metal inner pipes and outer rubber pipes are removed from the cylinders. Both the valves and the cylinders if possible, will be re-used or sent as recycled metal scrap.  We are now pleased to announce the recycling of the waste powder which is currently being sent to landfill across the industry. The procedures that we take with used, empty and out of date fire extinguishers, makes our waste management service very successful, from an environmental and cost perspective.

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Landfill Management

Our logistics team collects from all corner of the UK and we are happy to extend our services to Mainland Europe.  We work with a wide range of private and public companies on a monthly WHOLESALE basis (we do not collect from individual users) to collect their expired extinguisher load.  Our logistics team work all days of the week and we ensure all of our partners are happy.  All expired cylinders are delivered to our central processing unit.

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paper recycling

Our Processing Unit ensures all aspects of each extinguisher is safely dismantled and stored.   We ensure we comply with all health & safety regulations to have zero impact on the environment and our staff.


Garbage Truck

We strive to ensure that ALL aspects of the expired extinguisher is recycled.  The valves and pipes, cylinders, brass pieces and any plastic are re-sold back into market for re-use.  We are also happy to announce our very own innovative waste ABC powder recycling solution.